Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Big Mouse Hunt

Every time you catch a mouse in your house, you wonder if that is it - have you caught the last little bugger?  In our case, the answer was no.  Two days, after having escorted one baby out the door, I had a run in with Mom.  It was around 1:00 AM and I was busy working on my novel, The Shadow's Touch (which has nothing to do with mice).  Out of the corner of my eye, I see a mouse scooting along the wall to the left of my desk.  The wall is mostly taken up by one big window with large, heavy golden curtains- a legacy of the days when my office was a formal dining room.

I immediately spring into action.  The mouse is headed for the front exit to the room so I jump in front of it and start piling some handy boxes (left over from moving) in the open door frame.  I keep watch to see if the mouse is making a run for the other open doorway in the office.  When I  am done blocking the exit and stuffing the cracks with paper, I jump to the other exit and do the same thing.  Ha Ha! Now the mouse is trapped - maybe.  Sometimes they can slip by you when your attention is momentarily distracted. They are crafty little buggers.

To my gratification, the mouse runs across the room for the shelter of the big hutch (another dining legacy).  Now, if you are new to rodent hunting, the thing you have to know is that mice can hide anywhere.  What you have to do is pull everything possible off the floor and stack it on tables.  Make sure there is no cloth hanging down from any tables or desks or the mouse will climb it and sit on the table and laugh at you while you are searching for it on the floor.

After I got the floor clear, I got myself a largish plastic bowl to use to catch the mouse.  You don't want to use your hands for a couple reasons.  First, your hands are small and mice are fast.  It's hard to catch them that way, but if you do catch them, one of two things are likely to occur:  you will squish the mouse, or you will get bit.  Trust me, I've found these things out the hard way.  So, I corral the mouse into the corner behind a small filing cabinet which is next to my desk.  I know exactly where she is, but when I peer over the top of the cabinet, she is nowhere to be seen.  No problem, she has gone under the filing cabinet which has a little opening in the back. I go for reinforcements.

I come back with our toy poodle Knight, bring him into the barricaded room and start removing drawers from the filing cabinet.  Knight is supposed to be my second set of eyes, but he knows the game is afoot and is so excited, he immediately crams himself behind the filing cabinet as far as he can go.  Not really where I need him, but oh well.  As I take out the drawers, I'm ready for anything.  The mouse can come out at me, go around the back, or hide in the drawers.  I take out the top drawer, I take out the second drawer and... the mouse is not there.  Crap.  Where did it go?  I'm certain the mouse didn't leave the corner so I look around.  The only two things back there are the filing cabinet and an old tower computer.  I look down at the computer and one of the little plates that cover the expansion slots is missing.  It's pretty small, but I don't see where else it could be.  I pull the computer out of the corner, pick it up and shake it to see if I can get a little mouse bouncing action but I only hear various loose wires.

So, I make my first rookie mistake.  I don't really believe the mouse is in my computer, but I have to be sure before I pile it on top of everything else on my desk so, I open it up in the middle of the floor.  The computer is full of dust and computery bits, but I don't see the mouse.  For good measure, I shake it around a bit and -  out pops the mouse!  It scurries off before I can put the computer down and get my bowl. My mistake?  I should have taken the computer outside to check it. Sigh.

 The mouse ran to the opposite corner of the room and under the heavy drapes where they hang down in the open position.  Meanwhile Knight is still trying to fit behind the filing cabinet.  He ignores me when I try to point him towards the mouses new hiding place. So, bowl in hand, I head there.

I lift up the heavy drapes and get ready, but there is no mouse in sight. Now Knight has decided that the action is near me so he is sniffing around the drapes too. I sort through the various pleats of the drapes in case the mouse is hiding in one and check the curtain rod.  Don't laugh, I once had a mouse who ran all the way up the curtain and then sat on top of the rod and laughed at me while I searched for it below.

Its not there.  Now, the thrill of the chase is getting a little frustrating so I give the curtains one final shake and  out pops the mouse!  It was hiding between the curtains and the sheers.  Its off again and Knight chases it back to the corner with the filing cabinet.  He is excitedly snuffling around when I notice the big pee stain on the rug - left by Knight in his excitement of the chase. So, out goes my mighty hunting dog and I head back into the fray.

I manage to  flush the mouse out of the corner again and it runs right towards me.  Of course I put my bowl down so I have to resort to a little mouse hockey.  As the mouse tries to get by me, I swat it with my hands. The object is to get the mouse to go back to a place where it is trapped.  Now, don't worry, contrary to popular belief, mice are tough little guys.  I've played many a round of mouse hockey, trying to get them where I want them and they always bounce.  It's best if you are on a slick floor, but it works on carpet too.

So, I bat this one back once, but it reverses course and gets by me. It heads back to the drapes and this time I watch it hop up into the drapes.  In order to prevent a replay, I stick the drapes into a trash can so if I rustle out the mouse, it will fall into the can and I will be victorious.

So, with a certain degree of optimism, I search the drapes...and I keep searching the drapes...and some more.  There is no mouse to be found.  I look up at the curtain rod, I look everywhere else in the room but the mouse is gone. It has somehow pulled a little mouse Houdini act and disappeared. With a heavy sigh, I go get the carpet cleaner and clean up the pee.

The score -  Mouse:1  Me:0